Gifts for Men

Gifts for Men online and free delivery – we offer a huge selection of fruit hampers for men which make the perfect gift. We know how difficult it is to purchase for the men in your life. Send them a beautifully presented gift hamper full of fresh fruit and add chocolate, champagne, spirits, red wine or white wine to any of the hampers to spice it up.

fruit hamper boxes
Fruit Hamper Boxes
Bundaberg Rum Fruit Hamper Gift
Bundaberg Rum Fruit Hamper Gift
Jim Beam Gift Hamper
Jim Beam Gift Hamper

Just have a look in our spice up your hamper section for ideas.

Each hamper is put together like a piece of art and the fruit is delivered in a handmade wooden box with a sliding lid. When the lid is slid back your receiver will see a stunning display of fruit.

Luxury Fruit Hampers
Luxury Fruit Hampers
MIXED CIDER FRUIT GIFT HAMPER This is the perfect gift for the cider lover! It comes with 6 different ciders and an array of mixed fruit.

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